Welcome on my AmkSoft MineCraft Server In Nederlands

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AmkSoft Minecraft Server
AmkSoft Minecraft Server

This is a private Minecraft server for testing (Spigot) plugins the server owner develops and maintains.
You are free to play on this server. Its a vanilla like survival server, close to the original Mojang Minecraft experience.
It has, however, some additional plugins you as a player can use, like:

Some images of scenery/places/builds found on this server:

If you like to play on this server, or want to try Minecraft out before buy?

To play on this server you need a (Official Mojang) or (Team Extreme) Minecraft game client (and after log in giving your, to use, playername):

and click the "[Multiplayer]" button to open your "Play Multiplayer" server list:

If you do not have a "AmkSoft Minecraft Server" option, create one by clicking the "[Add Server]" button:

And fill in the two fields as shown above and click the "[Done]" button when done.

This brings you back to the "Play Multiplayer" server list, but the "AmkSoft Minecraft Server" should be shown.
If it shows a Minecraft version number in red with a red 'X' sign), restart you Minecraft client selecting
the Minecraft version as shown in red (you started it in an other version than the Minecraft server version):
The images (screenshots) on this page show Minecraft version 1.19.4, but it might as wel version 1.20.. etc.

Move/Hover your mouse over the server options and klick the big gray arrow button to connect to my server:

Now the Minecraft client is connecting to my "AmkSoft Minecraft Server" (it might take some time):

If this is your first time using your playername on this server you have to register a password for your player using the command:
(no Password: uses menu to select password-icon)
t\register [Password]
or /register [Password]
(Replace [Password] whith the password you want to use)

If you have registered your password the server asks you to login using your password in the command:
(no Password: uses menu to select password-icon, the short form: t\l will do too)
t\login [Password]
or /login [Password]
(Replace [Password] with the password you have set on register, the short form: t\l [Password] or /l [Password] will do too)

You are logged in, happy playing on my server and experience the Minecraft game.

To chat to each other, just type the letter 't' and the text you want to tell, like: 'thello' (without the quotes) to send the text 'hello' to everyone.

Remember, keep it a nice experience to everyone, do not destroy other players builds, so no griefing etc.

If you have questions, or need gameplay assistence, you may contact the server operator if online.
Otherwise there are many gameplaytutorials online, like:
Youtuber TheBreakdown: The Complete Minecraft Beginners Guide for 2023
Youtuber Melou: A New Adventure | Let's Play Minecraft Survival 1.20

These tutorials are based on Single-player worlds, but on this server you can play with friends side by side together. Much more fun.
See you later with your friends playing on this AmkSoft Minecraft server, just invite your friends.